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The Stories of Bernardo De Galvez
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A True Spanish American hero
--Finally taking his place among the European heroes of the American Revolution is Governor General Bernardo de Galvez. Born a spanish aristocrat, the Governor of Spain's territories in the new world became the patriot who fed and clothed the ragged army dying in Valley Forge and the warrior who drove the British from the western and southern borders (Mississippi Valley). This victory aided the American Revolutionaries and General George Washington to establish the birth of a new nation, The United States of America. The story of Bernardo de Galvez's life is narrated in the first person, live on stage, recounting his involvement with the events that shaped the world.

Bring Early California To Life
Together they all bring forth a seldom seen picture of Early California. Four great men with one common explore and expand a continent. Make your reservations now for college bookings or to meet any of these men through the performing genius of :

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